Friday, October 25, 2013

Casting helps make 'The Lady Eve' another classic

Last night was a perfect evening for a fantastic PRESTON STURGES film, so I enjoyed "THE LADY EVE" on DVD.
BARBARA STANWYCK plays a con artist who makes just one mistake -- she falls in love with her intended prey, the similarly lovestruck HENRY FONDA.
When Fonda learns of her deceitful past and breaks off the engagement, Stanwyck uses her con skills to swindle his heart instead of his cash.
Sturges' writing and direction is superb, as usual, as his casting prowess.
Sturges fans learn to appreciate the repertory cast he employed throughout his films -- familiar faces who were given memorable lines despite their relatively minor roles.
"The Lady Eve" includes such familiar faces as William Demarest as Fonda's protective valet, Eric Blore as a conman posing as English nobility and Robert Greig as the Fonda family butler.
The cast helps make "The Lady Eve" a tour de force and yet another Sturges masterpiece.


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