Saturday, June 29, 2013

Une de mes filles est un chercheur, l'autre est un espion

Combine the singing talents of FRANCE GALL and the songwriting prowess of SERGE GAINSBOURG and you're probably going to have a hit on your hands.
That's the case with "LAISSE TOMBER LES FILLES," a French chart-topper from 1964.
I'm listening to the irresistible FRENCH POP of Gall this morning, a day after our daughters ANNIKA and KERSTIN told us about their adventures.
Annika studied social sciences at the UNIVERSITY OF IOWA for a week, including research in the archives of a presidential library.
Kerstin toured "l'HEXAGONE" for two weeks, examining the landmarks while honing her future in counter-intelligence by surreptitiously photographing hot French men.
Combine the talents of our daughters, with some of Gall's finger-snapping music, and you have me smiling broadly this morning. 


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