Sunday, March 10, 2013

Enjoying some Monty Python before work

I am reading an old favorite before I have to head to work today.
"MONTY PYTHON'S BIG RED BOOK" is a 1975 collection of material culled from the first years of the BBC-TV comedy series "MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS."
The book's contents have kept me laughing since I was a kid.
"Vote Wisely Vote Silly," reads a mock election pamphlet for the Silly Party contained in the book. "A Silly Government would raise the school leaving age to 43, encourage naughtiness in high places and maintain confidence in British Silliness abroad."
The book does a fine job itself on that latter campaign promise, with music and lyrics for "Spam" and "The Lumberjack Song," news of the big fight between Ken Clean-Air System and young schoolgirl Elaine Griffiths, Fellini in conversation with Mrs. Rodgers (Rodgers: "Shove off, or I'll call the police") and "The Greatest Upper Class Race in the World" -- the twit race.
There's a lot of laughter contained within these pages.
Heck, I am so inspired, I'll probably listen to the Monty Python albums I have on iTunes while driving around in the car today.


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