Friday, January 11, 2013

Route 1 readers' best holiday moments

The dust has settled on another HOLIDAY SEASON, and ROUTE 1 finally has its act together to return to our weekly FRIDAY QUESTION feature.
This week, readers share their recent experiences by answering the following:
"What was your favorite moment of the holidays?"
KERI M. -- Everything.
KERSTIN H. -- By far my favorite moment was being able to do all of the reading that I did... I read some pretty amazing things.
RICK T. -- The surprised look on my wife's face while she opened her presents.
ANNIKA H. -- Sleeping . . . And being with family! But mostly sleeping. 
MIKE D. -- Going to (a very crowded) church with my family, and hearing my siblings sing in the choir.
Runner up: Seeing our sons' reactions to the DSs they got from Santa.

ERIK H. -- Watching my daughters' reactions when they opened their gifts.


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