Saturday, September 29, 2012

One "Barassi Line" swoop down; another to come?

Imagine if basketball was only really popular in the Eastern and Midwestern areas of the United States, and football was really only dominant in the South and West.
As strange as that seems, that's a simplified analogy to describe the sports scene in AUSTRALIA, where the imaginary BARASSI LINE divides the RUGBY LEAGUE areas of New South Wales and Queensland from the other Australian states, where love of the AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE holds sway.
I thought about the unique, sporting demarcation Down Under this morning, as I watched on TV as a team from the rugby league side of the Barassi Line swooped in and won the AFL's greatest prize.
The SYDNEY SWANS defeated Melbourne's HAWTHORN HAWKS, 14.7 (91) to 11.15 (81) to win the 2012 Grand Final.
The Swans have resided in Sydney since 1982, when the South Melbourne club left a Victorian capital crowded with footy clubs.
The relocated Swans also won the title in 2005.
Ironically, another Barassi Line swoop could come tomorrow, when Sydney's CANTERBURY BULLDOGS welcome the MELBOURNE STORM to town to contest rugby league's greatest prize.
Stay tuned...


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