Monday, September 24, 2012

A little Dexter Gordon to keep me warm(ish)

It's cold (about 17 degrees below normal -- 32 degrees this morning), and I need some JAZZ to keep me warm.
There is little warmer than the tenor saxophone playing of DEXTER GORDON.

The 1963 album "OUR MAN IN PARIS" is a fine example.
Gordon famously linked the original bebop style with the more harmonically challenging styles to come in the later 1960s.

Ben Ratliff explained the importance of the album in "Jazz: A Critic's Guide to the 100 Most Important Recordings."
"Recorded with Bud Powell and Kenny Clarke -- which is to say, the man who invented bebop piano and the man who invented bebop drums -- Gordon makes what might be the last of the real-thing, nonnostalgic bebop records. It closed an era nicely."
It's also giving me a warm feeling, even if the bone-chilling environment conspires against me.


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