Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A little "Blue Hour" to help sooth the troubled psyche

I just awoke from a disturbing DREAM: We had to share seats at work, and the keys on my keyboard had been so diabolically rearranged that everything I typed was rendered like "fkM ÅM6mLP Ñ0ÿ36 XXt."
I should have been amused at the course the dream was taking, but instead I panicked. I must have been on deadline for writing a story, you see.
I need to calm my frazzled nerves, so I am listening to "BLUE HOUR," an absolutely priceless collaboration between two pillars of cool -- saxophonist STANLEY TURRENTINE and THE 3 SOUNDS, the piano trio led by GENE HARRIS.
It's an excellent record for darkness, because it soothes and comforts.
Today, we'll find out if it works its charms on those emerging from the overnight disturbances of the subconscious.


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