Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pete Cosey: The thrilling guitar on "Agharta"

One of the greatest guitarists you might not have heard about died yesterday, age 68.
PETE COSEY provided the Hendrix-like playing on several of MILES DAVIS' electric-era albums, including the towering "AGHARTA" from 1976.
As described by jazz writer Paul Tingen:
"Pete Cosey's jaw-dropping solos on 'Agharta' are a major revelation. Sometimes growling, scurrying around all corners like a caged tiger, sometimes soaring like a bird, sometimes deliriously abstract, sometimes elegantly melodic and tender, his electric guitar concept is one of the most original to have been devised on the instrument. It still sounds advanced in the 21st century."
I drive to OMAHA, NEB., this afternoon for a conference, playing "Agharta" and enjoying Cosey's work.