Monday, March 12, 2012

My Mick Taylor "Crusade" continues

If MICK TAYLOR is one of the unsung great British guitarists, it's through no fault of mine.
I sing his praises at every opportunity.
Today, I'm listening to one of the first pieces of evidence of Taylor's greatness.
"CRUSADE" by JOHN MAYALL'S BLUES BREAKERS marks Taylor's debut in the big time, as recounted in the liner notes of a reissue of the album:
"Ever shrewd and retaining that remarkable knack of finding unknown talent, Mayall decided to contact a teenager who'd once helped him out at a gig in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. For whatever reason, Clapton had not arrived that night and seeing his chance, the young man promptly informed our leader that he knew all the band's repertoire from their records and watching them live. With little choice Mayall had agreed, and was suitably impressed by the skill and maturity of the quiet natured aspirant. At the evening's end the guitarist disappeared leaving no contact number or address. John now searched in vain to re-locate him, finally resorting to an advertisement in the 'Melody Maker' music paper. It was seen; re-enter Mick Taylor."
It's a joy to hear the future ROLLING STONES guitarist showing off his electric blues chops at such an early stage on "Crusade."


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