Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Question goes up, up and awaaaaaaay!

Spiderman could scale walls, Superman could fly, Aquaman could communicate with fish, the Flash could run really fast and Batman could insert himself into police investigations while hoarding all manner of equipment in a cave and living off inexhaustible levels of personal wealth.
Wow! Super powers are cool!
Here is what ROUTE 1 readers said when we asked them the following FRIDAY QUESTION:
"What super power would you most like to have?"
INGER H. -- Teleportation! It would be incredible to be able to travel wherever I wanted in moments and without expense. Oh, how I would take advantage of that!
KERI M. -- To fly.
JIM S. -- SuperSwen, strong man! I would use my strength only for the good of mankind, namely to do a lot of landscaping at my home on Hill Street - using very large boulders.
ANNIKA H. -- Mind reading!
JEFF T. -- Understanding women.
BRIAN M. -- To read minds and see the future.
ROSEANNE H. -- The power to magically have the garage clean and organized and to have our master bath remodel finished!
SASKIA M. -- Seeing the "true colors" of other human beings.
SANDYE V. -- In fairy tales, these things always have their downside -- as in be careful what you wish for. But the ability to fly without taking your shoes off, the pat-down and other indignities -- that would be awesome.
JOHN S. -- Endless wealth, like Bruce Wayne!
ERIK H. -- I've often thought time travel would be a good one, simply so I could travel back and undo some of the stupid mistakes I've made. Of course, then I wouldn't have the wisdom gained from those mistakes, which is almost a super power in itself.


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