Wednesday, March 09, 2011

It makes more sense than rabbits vs. sheep

I just woke up from a disturbing dream in which a RABBIT ATTACKED A SHEEP ON TOP OF OUR GARAGE.
It doesn't make much sense.

Why would a rabbit attack a sheep? How did they get on the roof of a garage? When did we get a garage?

The JOHN FORD classic film "THE SEARCHERS" makes much more sense.

I watched it last night on DVD.

JOHN WAYNE stars as Ethan Edwards, a Civil War veteran compelled to find his niece, who has been abducted by Comanche Indians.

Only Ethan's ideas of saving his niece Debbie (Natalie Wood) aren't the same as the salvation offered by Debbie's adopted brother Martin (Jeffrey Hunter).

Ethan's racist views cause him to see Debbie as hopelessly and irredeemably defiled -- a target for eradication. Martin just wants to take her home.

This tension is only one of the complications in this influential film.

Why it might have influenced me to dream about a rabbit versus sheep encounter on a garage we don't really have, well, I just don't know.


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