Friday, March 04, 2011

Transfixed by the famous

These days, you can't even begin to mention the name "JUSTIN BIEB--" SKREEEE! without an interruption by ear-piercing shrieks.
It seems half the house (non-pet population) has been caught in the mania surrounding the Canadian pop sensation.

ROUTE 1 readers recall occasions they have been transfixed by the famous by answering the following FRIDAY QUESTION, submitted by KERSTIN H. (one of the people fascinated by
"Have you ever been crazed by a celebrity?"

RICK T. -- The first time I met George Jones I know I talked stupid or said something I can't even remember. He is my idol and I was so excited to meet him.

KERI M. -- Yes. The New Kids On The Block. When I was younger, probably around your age.

BEKAH P. -- Oh, my Lord! When I was a teenager, Macaulay Culkin was the world's most glorious gift to mankind. Seriously, he was just the one thing that made life worth living. Then, I abandoned my adoration of the Home Alone star, and my tastes shifted to the older, more refined men, such as Paul McCartney and Alan Alda. Now, I am jaded, and I think all men are merely meh.

ANNIKA H. -- Justin Bieber!

JEFF T. -- I fell in love with Miss Nevada one time... Then I married her.

MIKE D. -- I was in junior high when "Charlie's Angels" debuted. 'Nuf said.

KERSTIN H. -- Yes twice. Robert Pattinson and now Justin Bieber!

ERIK H. -- My introduction to male hormones occurred at the approximate time of my introduction to the 1970s poster of Farrah Fawcett in the red swimming suit. It had a magnetism I was unable to verbalize, except by saying: "Urrrrr..."


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