Friday, February 25, 2011

Plenty of protests, not enough protest songs

There are protests all over the world these days -- Benghazi, Libya (democracy), Madison, Wis. (budgets & bargaining rights) and 1113 Rhomberg Ave. (whose turn it is to do the dishes) -- but seemingly very few protest songs.
ROUTE 1 readers respond to the current events by answering the following FRIDAY QUESTION:

What would you write a protest song about?

MIKE D. -- Smokers throwing their cigarette butts out their car windows. The song would be called "Hold Onto Your Butt."

SANDYE V. -- Obviously, it would be against the expression "puppet government."

People, people -- If Kermit, Kukla and Witch Hazel Green were in charge, the world would be a better place!
Up with puppets! Down with dictators!
JOHN S. -- Liberal football hooligans in the press.

ANNIKA H. -- Having to do the dishes.

RICK T. -- Not enough love in this world.

BEKAH P. -- I would protest against stupidity. Seriously, it's everywhere. And it annoys me to no end.

ERIK H. -- Teen and tween girls who don't carry their dirty clothes from the floor of the bathroom to a hamper. I'd title it, "Get Those Clothes Off My Bathroom Floor Blues."


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