Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Match of the Day

There was a slight delay, so I read that JONATHAN TÉHOUÉ had scored an 88th-minute equaliser for LEYTON ORIENT against ARSENAL before I actually saw it on television this morning.
What should I do?

The options raced through my mind.
Hug a cat?
Dance around?
Scream an inarticulate syllable at the top of my lungs and let my face take whatever contorted form it would?

With Jill and the girls out of town and the pets and I alone at home watching today's FIFTH-ROUND FA CUP MATCH live on television, I chose the latter of these three options.

I actually screamed the inarticulate syllable several times glancing from the live text commentary on the laptop to the television screen and back again.

The 1-1 draw my favourite soccer team secured against high-flying, top-flight Arsenal -- who had beaten mighty Barcelona days before -- meant so much.

League One Leyton Orient remain in the competition for at least one more match. The draw also means a replay match at Arsenal's massive Emirates Stadium. The share of the gate receipts from that match will mean more than Christmas and a birthday combined for a little club like Orient.

I was just so happy to be able to see Leyton Orient on television. I could even spot my seat at the club's Brisbane Road stadium -- the place I sat to watch Orient in December 2009.

Mine was an inarticulate screamed syllable -- something like a "eeeeeeaarrrggghhh!" -- but it was packed with so much meaning.


Blogger Webbie @ Football and Music said...

Payday up the Emirates then.

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