Friday, February 18, 2011

Waking up on Monday: The Verdict

Getting up on Fridays is easy.
You're on the verge of a weekend... there's four days of toil behind you... there's FRIDAY QUESTION answers to read.
That reminds me. ROUTE 1 readers chimed in on the following question, about a different day of the week:

"What's the hardest thing about getting up on Mondays?"

BEKAH P. -- Just that --- the getting up part. I don't like actually rolling out of bed. It's just horrible!

RICK T. -- Knowing you have to fill the whole week with things to do. (Remember, I'm retired!)

KERI M. -- Getting up early and following that with going to a job where I am not happy.

ANNIKA H. -- Getting up.

SANDYE V. -- Not hard at all, now that I'm working four days a week and have Mondays off!

LISA Y. -- Getting up!

ERIK H. -- Knowing I will struggle to get all the other people in my family out of bed.


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