Friday, February 11, 2011

Big surprises

Some things, like the sun rising each day, taxes, dogs barking at the dog across the street at 1 a.m., and my incessant tinkering with song order on my iPod playlists come as no surprise.
Other things are big surprises, as we learn when ROUTE 1 readers answer the following FRIDAY QUESTION:

"What is one thing that surprised you this week?"

BEKAH P. -- I was absolutely SHOCKED to discover that the kid who played Darth Vader in the popular Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial has never seen Star Wars. I was even further HORRIFIED to hear his mother admit this on national television as if this was no big deal. Oh, it is. I assure you, it is. Makes me view the ad in a completely different light!

KERI M. -- How much sleeping in through Hot Yoga on Sunday affected me.

BRIAN C. -- That Josh Jasper, the executive director of Riverview Center, the agency that assists victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence, was flooded by hate messages from around the country because of his innovative "Bingo" game to call attention to the Super Bowl commercials that degrade and objectify women and promote violent messages. There are lots of scary and misguided people out there.

JOHN S. -- The snow on Saturday caught me off guard.

ROSEANNE H. -- Our 60+ degree weather and I'm lovin' it!

RICK T. -- I've gained so much weight.

JEFF T. -- Our family ended up on the front page of the newspaper.

JIM S. -- How poorly the Badgers shot against Iowa Wednesday night and how improved the Hawkeyes are becoming.

ERIK H. -- That the veggie burgers Kerstin made for dinner the other night actually tasted good. Not exactly like hamburgers, mind you, but something savory and hearty.


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