Monday, February 07, 2011

No mistaking Moore's greatness

I had the quintessential NEWSPAPERMAN'S NIGHTMARE overnight.
I dreamt I had so many "corrections" -- mistakes acknowledged in the next day's newspaper -- that I went home feeling ill, only to find myself sitting in a crowded car with a woman whose name I had gotten completely wrong.

I am actually off work today, but that's because I work next Saturday.

There's no mistaking the greatness of the guitarist I am remembering today, as I tinker with my IRISH MUSIC playlist.

GARY MOORE passed away this weekend, age 58, while on holiday in Spain.

A boyhood friend of THIN LIZZY founder BRIAN DOWNEY, Moore spent two short periods in the legendary Irish band, producing exemplary work on the song "Still in Love With You" from 1974.

He was in a teenage band with Thin Lizzy's vocalist, the late PHIL LYNOTT, and with Lynott made a name for himself. The pair recorded "Parisienne Walkways" in 1979 and the hit "Out in the Fields" in 1985.

These songs help form Ireland's modern musical foundation, and highlight the beauty of Moore's guitar playing.

Moore was born in Belfast and was regarded as a prodigy, joining his first band at 13. His first love was the blues, and he made numerous solo albums in this genre.


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