Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Boz on a blizzard day

I feel a COLD sneaking up on me, and I can't decide which is worse -- being sick or being on the brink of sickness.
We're also on the brink of a BLIZZARD, according to the forecasts.

Even if we "only" get about 8 inches, strong winds will blow it around and make life miserable.

It sounds like a good time to crank up the BOZ SCAGGS.

"SILK DEGREES" came out when I was 10 years old, and I remember the songs being *all* over the radio when I was a kid.

Although my sister and I were listening to Top 40 on SAN FRANCISCO'S KFRC at that time, our mom listened to more adult-oriented radio fare. It was here that Boz was king.
"Lowdown," "It's Over," "Lido Shuffle" and so many of the other songs from the album were in almost continuous rotation.
It probably helped that we were listening to Bay Area stations, and that Boz was a local boy.

Hearing the songs now produces a warm nostalgia.

It can snow all it wants today -- I can nothing about that. A cold can quit sneaking and start striking at me, too, and there's nothing much I can do about that, either.

I can help myself to some Boz Scaggs, though, which I fully intend to do.