Sunday, February 06, 2011

I wanted Torres to fail

I'll admit it.
I wanted FERNANDO TORRES to fail today.

The £50 million signing for CHELSEA faced his former club, LIVERPOOL, in the top PREMIER LEAGUE match of the day.

Torres wanted to leave Merseyside, thinking he had a better chance at titles in London than Liverpool. Did he really leave for a bigger pay check?

I don't mind Chelsea -- I enjoyed visiting Stamford Bridge and I occasionally wear a club polo shirt to work -- but I can't stand blatant disloyalty, which is how I thought Torres has conducted himself at Liverpool for much of this season. He practically pouted on the pitch.

We watched today's match live on television. It proved to be a fantastic result for the visitors in red shirts.

An ineffective Torres only lasted 65 minutes, Raul Meireles scored four minutes after Torres was substituted, and Liverpool won, 1-0, to move into the top six in the league.

Next up is the SUPER BOWL.
While we wait, I am enjoying the initial failure of a big-money signing -- one who never really demonstrated loyalty to anything other than the pound.