Saturday, March 05, 2011

Can't get enough of The Dukes of Stratosphear

I've spent the morning listening to THE DUKES OF STRATOSPHEAR while tinkering with an XTC playlist for my iPod.
The Dukes were XTC disguised as psychedelic rockers on a pair of discs released in the 1980s -- "25 O'CLOCK" (1985) and "PSONIC PSUNSPOT" (1987).

The songs are brilliant (it *was* XTC after all) and completely *not* of their own time.

These songs drip with fuzz and feedback and backwards effects and many other sonic signatures that had been discarded in favor of the typical Eighties production values of the day. Thank goodness there's no synthetic drumming or synthesizers are these great tracks.

"What in the World," "The Mole From the Ministry," "Vanishing Girl" and "Brainiac's Daughter" are just a few of the absolutely outstanding songs created by the Dukes.

I'm going to listen to more of it after I watch soccer today. I can't wait.


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