Monday, March 07, 2011

Cricket crazy

The words "cricket" and "crazy" seem permanently attached during this year's CRICKET WORLD CUP in INDIA, BANGLADESH and SRI LANKA.
Consider ENGLAND: In the span of about a week or so, they:

1. Tied India.

2. Lost to Ireland.

3. Took a flurry of wickets to preserve a thrilling victory over South Africa.

4. Lost their star player, Kevin Pietersen, for the rest of the competition because of a hernia.

I've had my own brand of craziness at work, ranging from lengthy stories to an annual performance appraisal to stressful staff meetings to intruding upon tragedy (I covered a fatal dog mauling of a 3-year-old girl yesterday).

For me, following the Cricket World Cup has been a welcome diversion from my current reality.

I don't think I am as "cricket crazy" as the woman portrayed in this Indian cartoon (pictured above). Instead, I think following the cricket is keeping me from becoming crazy.


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