Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter can't dictate everything

What a scene.
One of our cars was stuck in the icy slush of our back alley this morning.
Unable to extract the car ourselves, JILL and I woke up the girls (on their first day of winter break) to help.
With KERSTIN behind the wheel, Jill, ANNIKA and I got on our knees and pushed the car out of the slush.
I hate WINTER.
In an act of musical defiance, I blasted some decidedly summertime sounds as I drove the other car to work this morning.
The TROJAN INSTRUMENTAL BOX SET collects 50 stellar REGGAE instrumentals -- tunes that seem to drip sunshine and ooze warmth.
An overbearing winter may be all around me, but I can't let it dictate everything that happens in my life.


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