Thursday, November 11, 2010

What winter? It's almost time for cricket!

The weather is turning colder, so why I am starting to think about CRICKET again?
It's because we're only weeks away from the launch of this year's ASHES TESTS -- the matches between eternal rivers AUSTRALIA and ENGLAND.

This upcoming series is notable for me for two reasons:

1. INGER and I saw the Ashes Urn -- the symbol of supremacy between the two cricketing nations -- when we toured LORD'S CRICKET GROUND during our London visit.

2. This series marks the first Ashes in which I have visited both of the competing nations, having visited Sydney in August.

My growing interest (obsession?) means I'm frequently checking my Ashes history book and thumbing through my "CRICKETER'S BEDSIDE BOOK," re-reading its classic essays on the sport.

Let it snow, let the wind blow below freezing, let the winter sweep on through. I'll be in a warmer place -- at least in my mind. I'll be following the cricket.

Here are the beginning dates and venues for this year's Ashes series:

25 Nov. 2010 -- BRISBANE

3 Dec. 2010 -- ADELAIDE
16 Dec. 2010 -- PERTH
26 Dec. 2010 -- MELBOURNE
3 Jan. 2011 -- SYDNEY


Blogger inger said...

There was a lot of concern re the Quantas plane engines blowing up, as those are the long range jets that take cricket fans to AU for the Ashes!!

9:39 AM  
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