Friday, November 12, 2010

Get offa my lawn, danged kids

Kids today, I tell ya, with their long hair and tie-dyed shirts and their marijua-- whoops! Sorry about that! I picked up the 1967 notes by mistake.
Now then, ROUTE 1 readers show their "get-off-my-lawn" style by answering this week's FRIDAY QUESTION:

"What current youth trend drives you CRAZY?"

JIM S. -- Ahhh, these damn kids with their Justin Beaver hair and pants hanging down to their knees, sex-texting each other all the time on their blueberries or whatever they call them damn things ... don't get me started.

BEKAH P. -- This is not so much a trend, but it drives me CRAZY that I am no longer "in" with the youth trends. Seriously, it was only about 2 years ago that I knew all the lingo. Now, the fact that I use words like "lingo" only goes to prove how out of touch I have become. When did this happen? Am I turning into my mother? *Sob*

MARY N.-P. -- Always looking down to text and not engaging the rest of the world face-to-face. It is changing the entire dynamics of human communication - just look around (God, I sound like a crabby old codger!!!)
DAVE B. -- When you correct your kid and all you hear back is "WOW Dad."

KERSTIN H. -- Sneakers and skinny jeans.

KERI M. -- Ages 11 to 15.

SANDYE V. -- Texting.

MIKE D. -- It would have to be either the obsession with cell phones and the like (especially while driving), or the drooping pants on the plumber-wannabes.

ERIK H. -- Their music that is increasingly avoids real human voices for auto-tuning and other computerized synthesis of voices. Singers are beginning to sound like robots. So, so not very G6.


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