Monday, September 13, 2010

A perfect day for "Hourly Daily"

Today's bright, sunny skies prompted me to listen to one of the catchiest albums of the 1990s.
"HOURLY DAILY" by YOU AM I debuted in the top-spot of the Australian album charts and later swept the 1996 AUSTRALIAN RECORD INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION (ARIA) AWARDS. The band led by TIM ROGERS (pictured) collected six awards that year -- for best group, best album, best independent release, best video, best producer and best engineer.

The album tells the story of the day in the life in another sunny city -- SYDNEY.

Lines such as "470 to Circular Quay, a present in your pocket for the TAB" cover Sydney's public transit, landmarks and betting obsession within just a few words.

Rogers said:

"The material really started forming in those long months towards the end of a tour. That's probably why the album is so referencial to Australia , not for any patriotic reasons, but because after so long on the road touring and playing, the whole process becomes perpetual motion and daily home life becomes surreal."

Listening to the album today and feeling the sun's warm glow on my face, I can close my eyes and picture the Sydneyside scenes of my recent vacation.
It makes Monday more manageable.


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