Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And the crowd shouts back something nasty

Have you ever heard people chanting in between verses of "MONY MONY?"
There was a time when you couldn't hear that song at a bar, wedding reception or other social gathering without the crowd chanting something about sexual relations. According to Urban Dictionary, the exact words of the "Mony Mony" chant varies by geographic location.

I learned yesterday about a similar phenomenon Down Under, concerning the song "AM I EVER GONNA SEE YOUR FACE AGAIN" by THE ANGELS.

Whenever lead vocalist Doc Neeson sings the words: "Am I ever gonna see your face again" the crowd shouts back: "NO WAY, GET F*CKED, F*CK OFF."

I find it funny that two continents -- across the world from each other -- have similar situations concerning iconic songs.

I'll have to find a pub in SYDNEY with "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again" on the jukebox, play it, and listen for the response.


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