Friday, August 27, 2010

Vacation begins at home -- sort of

Sure, I could have slept in on my first day of VACATION -- and the day before I leave for SYDNEY.
If I had slept, though, I would have missed today's NRL FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL match at the SYDNEY FOOTBALL STADIUM.

So, I woke up an hour *earlier* than usual instead.
That meant I could hear all of the CONTINUOUS CALL TEAM'S coverage of SOUTH SYDNEY beating PARRAMATTA, 24-16, on 2GB 873 live online.
Rhys Wesser, Isaac Luke, Ben Lowe and David Taylor scored the second-half tries that helped vault the Rabbitohs from 10th spot in the standings to eighth -- the threshold for reaching the post-season finals.

The sides were sloppy in the first half, playing to only the third 0-0 halftime scoreline this season (Parramatta have been in all three).

Souths came out stronger in the second half, with Wesser opening the scoring after four minutes.

The next time these two sides line up against opponents, I should be in Australia.
Just think: I could actually listen to Friday Night Football on a Friday night, instead of ridiculously early on a Friday morning.


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