Monday, September 14, 2009

West's rude behavior steals the show

This morning's breakfast table conversation has centered on KANYE WEST, and his unfathomable behavior at last night's MTV VMA show.
We had tuned in to see the long-awaited, certain-to-please, extensive "NEW MOON" trailer (it's a long story), but were instead appalled to see West leap on the stage to interrupt teen starlet TAYLOR SWIFT during her acceptance speech for receiving the award for best female video for "You Belong With Me."
Swift was talking about the difficulty country artists face gaining success on MTV when West hijacked the microphone to declare that Beyoncé should have won the award.
We thought it was a planned stunt at first -- until we saw the stunned disappointment on Swift's face.
Then, the crowd began to boo West and stood for Swift.
I was genuinely surprised that MTV didn't allow Swift to finish talking once West had been hustled off the stage. Instead, the network cut to some filmed skit to promote a new artist poll.
West issued an apology on his blog, but an all-caps written statement can't return Swift to what should have been her moment in the spotlight.
West represents a new low in the increasing rudeness of society.


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