Saturday, September 05, 2009

Enjoying "A Drifting Life"

Prior to about three days ago, I couldn't give two hoots about the stylistic schism that marked the maturation of adolescent-focused MANGA into the more adult GEKIGA, even though I am a lifelong admirer of all things Japanese.
Then, I began reading "A DRIFTING LIFE," the memoir/manga history by YOSHIHIRO TATSUMI.
Set in post-war JAPAN, Tatsumi's book describes -- in semi-autobiographical detail -- a young mangaka (comic artist) striving to extend his work beyond the prevailing style.
Tatsumi is now recognized as a pioneer graphic novelist -- an artist tackling adult themes in what had been a forum solely dedicated to childhood subject matter.
In "A Drifting Life," Tatsumi also offers numerous details of life in mid-20th-century Japan, when the country emerged from its humiliating defeat in the war to become an economic world power.
Even if you aren't a manga aficionado -- I certainly am not -- you will probably enjoy Tatsumi's massive, admirable work.


Blogger Andrew said...

Pardon my plug, but we've got this at the library, currently checked in. Come check it out!

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