Saturday, August 29, 2009

A "blue sky" song for another grey day

It seems like weeks since we have seen BLUE SKIES -- that's the pervasiveness of the GLOOM that had descended upon DUBUQUE in recent days.
This morning, I made my own blue sky, listening to the wonderful, 1969 Jamaican chart-topper, "BONGO NYAH" by LITTLE ROY.
Produced by the great LLOYD "MATADOR" DALEY, "Bongo Nyah" was the first of several memorable songs by Little Roy (born Earl Lowe in 1950).
Little Roy was one of the first exponents of Rastafarianism and similarly serious themes to hit the charts, thanks to songs such as "Cross the Nation" and "Father's Call."
"Bongo Nyah" fits this cultural mode, but is so catchy you almost forget the religious overtones.
I find myself trying to sing along, even though Little Roy's accent is difficult for me to comprehend at times.
The song represents bright blue skies -- at least in my mind -- and that's good enough for me.


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