Friday, August 28, 2009

Nothing is as relaxing as...

ROUTE 1 staff members have been so busy lately, our heads seem to be spinning.
Readers discuss relief techniques by answering this week's FRIDAY QUESTION:
"What would be your ideal way to relax after a hard day?"
RICK T. -- Nice supper and some good TV time.
KERI M. -- Depending on the time of year, hot -- on a patio with people enjoying each others company or at the gym, cold -- napping or at the gym.
JOHN S. -- I ride my bike.
SASKIA M. -- Sit on my bed with a bottle of water next to me and the TV running in the background while surfing or "socializing" or just reading on my laptop.
MARY N.-P. -- To walk down our many garden paths and soak up the beauty (in good weather) or in cold winter months, to go up to my jewelry "studio" and create
something from beads. Don't get to do either very often!
JEFF T. -- Rub my chihuahua.
STEVE M. -- Listening to good jazz and drinking a cosmopolitan. I make excellent ones!
BEKAH P. -- I would want a big mug of apple cider, a blanket, a great book and my big comfy couch. And I would want an empty house. No husband. No cat. No phone.
KERSTIN H. -- By sitting down with a good book.
LISA Y. -- Massage comes to mind....
ERIK H. -- Last night, I sipped Pinot noir, thumbed through The Atlantic and listened to music. It was heavenly.


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