Monday, August 24, 2009

An audio pick-me-up

STRANGER COLE AND KEN BOOTHE unleashed "UNO DOS TRES" and away I went to work this morning.
I needed the BOUNCY, INFECTIOUS music from "THE TROJAN SKA BOX SET, VOLUME 2" to get me going today.
School starts tomorrow, so we woke up the girls early to help prepare them. It was a struggle.
Actually, it's 7:14 p.m., and they are *still* complaining that we woke them up. Oh, and I did I mention we woke them up an *hour* later than their regular morning wake up call when school is in session?
I needed to hear songs such as "Let's Jump" by The Maytals, "Garden of Love" by Don Drummond and "Penny Reel" by Eric "Monty" Morris.
The audio equivalent of sunshine helped erase the morning struggle, and assisted in propelling me toward a rather busy day.


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