Friday, September 04, 2009

Always look on the funny side of life* (*may not apply for University of Oregon fans)

After watching MY BELOVED OREGON DUCKS look by turns uncharacteristically pathetic (yes, Brian M., that *was* uncharacteristic) and violently inept in their humbling, 19-8, loss to BOISE STATE last night, it's hard for me to see the funny side of anything right now.
Fortunately, ROUTE 1 readers don't share my particular pain, as they reveal by answering the following FRIDAY QUESTION:
"What is the funniest thing that has happened to you this week?"
BEKAH P. -- My Mr. Man and I were walking to the Farmer's Market. As we were walking by this large clump of trees, one of the pine trees sneezed -- or seemed to. I freaked out and jumped, and then realized there were two bratty boys in the tree branches spying on us. They saw me jump and laughed for several minutes. And they started mocking me -- out loud. I didn't find this particularly amusing, but Mr. Man did.
RICK T. -- I forgot the words to a song, right in the middle of singing it on stage.
KERI M. -- Having my cell phone dial my friend's number by itself and not realize it until I get to her house to pick her up for work.

ROSEANNE H. -- Nothing funny in this household this week - oral surgery and a colonoscopy are just plain NOT FUNNY.
MIKE M. -- Last weekend I ate the following: Queso Fundido with chorizo, fajitas with bacon and shrimp, dos Dos Equis, Little Caesars' pepperoni pizza, four hard boiled eggs, two peanut butter sandwiches, and two glasses of cranberry juice. Sunday night, I came down with this: stomach flu. Funny, but only in hindsight (pun intended).
JEFF T. -- Somewhat risk-ay... After a passing and general educational naming session for some anatomical areas earlier last week, our almost 2-year old daughter Lily was undressed and ready for a shower when she ran out into the living room, did a dance, pointed down there, and spritely chanted... "Hooo Haaa- Hooo Haaa- Hooo Haaa!"
ERIK H. -- If you mean, "funny" as in "queasy," it was watching last night's Oregon football debacle. If you mean "funny" as in "hahaha," it was opening the door to the bathroom one early morning this week and seeing cats Lorelei and Mika and puppy Rory lined up, side-by-side, waiting for me to come out of the bathroom. "Don't you guys have anything better to do? You don't even use this bathroom!"


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