Friday, September 11, 2009

Missing that gig

Sorry for the delay in today's post, but ROUTE 1 had a rare Friday off work, and could not pass up the opportunity to sleep in.
There are opportunities people do pass up, which brings us to today's FRIDAY QUESTION:
"Have you ever passed up an opportunity to attend a gig and regretted your decision?"
BEKAH P. -- Yes!!!! Back story: Attended a religious school where I was told secular music was of the devil. Once I transferred to public school, I discovered the glory that is the Dave Matthews Band. For years, I have wanted to go to their concert. This year, two close guy hippie friends said we'd go, if they played in Iowa. Hallelujah! The DMB is playing in Des Moines on Sept. 26. Go to buy tickets and realize... that's my wedding day. WTF?!? Another concert foiled...
RICK T. -- I can't remember, but I'm sure I have.
JOHN S. -- I passed on a lunch with Joe Biden only to find out Cher was there as well.
JEFF T. -- I was so bummed to miss Alan Jackson last summer up at Tahoe, but given our difficult pregnancy at the time, I'm sure AJ understood.
BRIAN C. -- Singer-songwriter Dan Fogelberg, an Illinois native, played the Quad Cities several years ago. I didn't go. I checked his tour schedule periodically, figuring to go the next time he was in the region. There was no next time. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2004 and died in late 2007. He was just 56.
JIM S. -- I have three embarrassing instances. In order of least embarrassing: 1. I turned down a chance with my wife, Kris, to see Andrew Bird at the Busted Lift. He's gone on to become a big-time indie singer, and I have seen him perform since. 2. In college, my friend Mark called and tried talking me into seeing a guy named Elvis Costello play at a small bar in Madison. I said "Elvis Who!" 3. I waited in line overnight with Mark to purchase Bob Dylan tickets in the late 1970s. As the day of the event neared, I needed some cold hard cash and sold my tickets! I got twice what they were worth, but I still regret it. Finally saw an aging Dylan in Dubuque.
ERIK H. -- I regret it, but I also don't regret passing up an opportunity to see The Smiths in 1986. The legendary indie band were playing at Berkeley's Greek Theatre as part of the "Queen is Dead" tour, and I could accompany my sister to the gig. Little did anyone know this would be the final tour for the band. However, my dad was visiting from Oregon that day, and I decided to stay with him while my sister attended the gig. The Smiths broke up, so I'll never see them. However, my dad died within six years of that day, so I am glad I was able to spend another day with him.


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