Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saints rue their wastefulness, Cats make 'em pay

You see it in every sport --
in soccer, when a player alone in front of goal fires wide.
in baseball, when a team gets runners on base but cannot drive them home.
in American football, when a team drives inside the "red zone" but is held to field goals.
I saw it overnight in AUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALL, too.
GEELONG beat my favorite club, ST. KILDA, 12.8 (80) to 9.14 (68), in a 113th AFL GRAND FINAL characterized by steady rain and one team's wastefulness.
The St. Kilda Saints three more scores, 16 more possessions inside the 50-meter line and more tackles.
On several occasions in the first half, however, St. Kilda players with good opportunities to score goals (worth six points), instead shot wide and settled for behinds (worth only one point).
In essence, the Saints dominated without snuffing out their opponents.
Paul Chapman of the Geelong Cats made them pay, ultimately, but kicking the decisive goal in the final minutes of the fourth quarter.
I stayed up until 3 a.m. to watch the contest live on ESPN CLASSIC.
I am glad I did. The match was a classic, even if the outcome didn't suit me.


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