Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Question: Chores edition

ROUTE 1 readers are a thoughtful, trustworthy and loyal bunch.
You just wouldn't hire them to perform housekeeping duties after reading the answers to this week's FRIDAY QUESTION:
"What is your least favorite household chore?"
STACEY B. -- My absolute least favorite household chore is doing the dishes. I threw away a couple mugs during my college years that had some sort of new life form growing inside them because I waited too long to actually wash my dishes.
BEKAH P. -- Cleaning the bathroom. Especially now that I live with Mr. Man. FYI-- Guys are gross, and I refuse to deal with all of that.
KERSTIN H. -- The dishes.
MIKE M. -- Balancing the checkbook and paying bills is distressing. Just being around Maggie when she does it makes me ill.
RICK T. -- Cleaning the house.
JIM S. -- Believe it or not, I love vacuuming, doing dishes, scrubbing kitchen floors, doing laundry ... even cleaning toilets. But I can't stand dusting. I guess it just seems like a losing cause.
ELLEN B. -- Laundry!
SASKIA M. -- Taking out the trash! - I live in the country (no garbage pickup) and have to take it outside and burn it.
INGER H. -- Taking out the trash...nothing like 2 flights of stairs to make you want to cram as much into a garbage bag as possible, to say nothing about the recycling and the compost!!
LAURA C. -- It's a toss-up between putting the fitted sheet back on the bed after washing it and hand-washing silverware. Most other chores-- including sweeping the floor, raking leaves and ironing -- I actually enjoy, in a zen, chop-wood-carry-water sort of way.
KERI M. -- Cleaning the bathroom.
JEFF T. -- Mountains of toddler laundry!
LISA Y. -- I hate scrubbing the floor. Even more than getting clean laundry put away!
ERIK H. -- I actually believed my vomit-cleaning days had passed, once the girls grew out of the infant stage. Then, we became pet owners. I hate cleaning cat vomit fast enough so the dog doesn't try to eat, and vice versa.


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