Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The day of the dust

The scenes seem like they are straight out of a film.
The worst DUST STORM in at least 70 years raised air-pollution levels to 1,500 times their normal limit in eastern AUSTRALIA this morning.
The girls and I are listening to ABC NEWSRADIO and NATIONAL RADIO online and coverage of today's dust storm.
Sydney residents who woke to the "red dawn" initially feared another one of Australia's terrible bush fires was threatening the city.
Instead, dust clouds blowing east from Australia's drier-than-normal OUTBACK interior were blown hundreds of miles to the populated coastal areas. Contributing to the amount of dust is a record drought. At its peak, the dust cloud covered half of NEW SOUTH WALES.
One woman told the AUSTRALIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION that the view out her window made her think of Armageddon.


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