Monday, September 28, 2009

Queen guitarist solves a photographic mystery

There's a story on the GUARDIAN Web site (find it here) about BRIAN MAY solving a photographic riddle. Primarily known as the legendary guitarist of QUEEN, May is also an expert in the pioneering photography of the 1850s. May is a collector of the work of T.R. WILLIAMS -- regarded as a master of the early photographic process of daguerreotype. Williams' stereoscopic-image series, "Scenes from Our Village," captivated May, who has joined with photo historian Elena Vidal to produce a book, "A VILLAGE LOST AND FOUND." No one knew the location of the village Williams featured in his famous series.
After 30 years of snooping, May believes he has solved the riddle (there is a link to an article of about his findings on May's Web site, find it here).
May is convinced that Williams's photos were taken in HINTON WALDRIST, an Oxfordshire village that was located in Berkshire when Williams photographed the scenes. May's detective work makes for interesting reading.


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