Wednesday, September 12, 2007

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Kerstin and I watched an interesting documentary about perennial San Francisco protester/local celebrity FRANK CHU this morning.
"Lunch Inside the 12 Galaxies," by Jim Dirschberger, is a 16-minute chronicle of Chu, who has become a familiar picket-sign-carrying personality in San Francisco. You can find the documentary here.
Chu's black signs with fluorescent lettering only hint at the root of his protest:
Massachusetts / 12 Galaxies / Quintronic criminals / Time Magazine: Star / Hextrotronic Oscillating Ebullient inoculations.

Chu blames Bill Clinton for withholding royalty payments due him. Chu contends the CIA filmed Chu and other family members as part of a reality show called "The Richest Family." Filmed with technologically advanced, hidden cameras, the show was broadcast in solar systems within the 12 Galaxies.
Chu sounds like someone suffering from schizophrenia. Or he could be a highly developed and slyly hip performance artist.
Farber / 12 Galaxies / Humanoid Martians / CNN: Zotrorhotikul Coverage / Phoxrozenical / Intergalatial Rocket / Vacations.
In any other town, Chu would be institutionalized or chased out of town.
In San Francisco, Chu is celebrated for his eccentricities, viewed as a civic institution. The 12 Galaxies bar is named for Chu's cause, and the protester receives free beer upon entering the establishment. The San Francisco Bay Guardian alternative newspaper has named Chu "Best Protester" in its annual awards round-up.
Is Chu crazy, or a crazy like a fox artist?
My guess would be a little of both: He carries business cards that say "Protesting against the 12 Galaxies of populations since 1988."


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