Thursday, February 22, 2007

"Can I get a WITNESS?!?!"

I'm reading Peter Guralnick's "Sweet Soul Music," a history of the musical genre that blended R&B with gospel with electrifying effect, and singing along to one of my favorite songs.
John Ellison was one of the few non-blood relatives in the Soul Brothers Six, but don't hold that against him. Ellison wrote the song that gave them fleeting fame, but more lasting fame for others.
Ellison wrote "Some Kind of Wonderful," which the Soul Brothers Six took all the way to No. 91 on the pop charts in 1967. Is there such a thing as a "one almost-hit wonder?"
Fantastic Johnny C. took the song to No. 87 a year later, then Grand Funk Railroad scored a massive, top-three hit with the tune in 1973.
That's the version most people know.
I ADORE the original by Soul Brothers Six.
To me, it's one of the best examples of soul music's blending of rhythm & blues with gospel. I love the call-and-response elements.
Soul Brothers Six, I'll be your witness. I'll testify to the greatness of this song!


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