Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Stone-cold Classic, No. 587

A friend gave me a copy of Nazareth's "Hair of the Dog" yesterday and last night I discovered it makes the perfect accompaniment for washing dishes.
For the uninitiated, this 1975 album SERIOUSLY ROCKS.
The title track opener has become a staple of classic-rock radio and the Scottish band's version of "Love Hurts" helped define the power ballad for future generations of "hair bands."
However, this album's other tracks make it a stone-cold classic. Second track "Miss Misery" features Dan McCafferty's anguished-roar vocals. Thanks to those roared vocals and the guitar riffology on display, you can imagine the future members of bands such as Iron Maiden scurrying for their notebooks, cribbing their metal sound.
Among the album's eight tracks is the combination of "Beggars Day" and "Rose in Heather," perhaps the disc's true highlights. "Beggars Day" comes on like the greatest hard-rock song you have ever heard, before morphing into the spacey instrumental "Rose in Heather."
It all adds up to a sonic assault perfectly suited for all your dish-washing duties.
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