Friday, March 25, 2005

Simmer Down!

Due to this week's funeral-related upheaval, this blog's regular Friday Question feature will return next week, when we ask "What was the greatest gig you ever attended?"
In the meantime...
I am posting my two latest creations -- my "spring mixes" on the Art of the Mix Web site today. The AoTM site is a forum for people who create mix CDs or tapes. Sometimes posting a mix results in a swap of CDs. I have traded with people as far away as Scotland during the two-plus years I have been posting my mixes.
My first "spring mix" is a CD consisting of 1960s Jamaican music. I intend it as a primer for people who mistakenly believe Jamaican music begins and ends with Bob Marley and his posthumously released "Legend" greatest hits album.
Ironically, Marley appears on my CD, although as only one of three members of the Wailers. Their first hit, 1964's "Simmer Down," sits at track No. 10 on my CD, between Stranger Cole's fantastic "Run Joe" from 1965 and "(Music is My) Occupation," an instrumental classic by Don Drummond. Jamaica's greatest trombonist.
My disc also contains The Ruler's 1967 song "Wrong Emboyo," later covered by The Clash on their seminal "London Calling," The Eternals' 1969 song "Queen of the Minstrels" (featuring my favorite reggae singer, Cornell Campbell) and The Unique's 1968 classic "My Conversation" (with my second favorite reggae singer, the late Slim Smith).
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