Monday, March 21, 2005

When the going gets tough...

I almost always make a mix CD. Call it my coping mechanism, I supposed.
Today is no different. The wake service for my mother-in-law will be held this afternoon. I had to run some errands this morning, so I quickly compiled a mix to take my mind off things as I drove around.
Here are the tracks (with a short comment) of today's mix:
1. (Freddie Mercury talks with the crowd, Earl's Court, 1977) - the Queen frontman teasing a crowd for about 40 seconds.
2. Caesars - Jerk it Out - the Swedish band's tune is currently featured on the latest iTunes silhouette TV commercial. Very catchy.
3. The Futureheads - Decent Days - This Sunderland band might be the best of the current crop of UK bands.
4. Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict a Riot - No wait... this Leeds band might be the best of the current crop of UK bands.
5. Bowling for Soup - 1985 - commercial but catchy and funny
6. Balaam and the Angel - I Love The Things You Do to Me - The Cult-wannabes from the 80s... now largely forgotten
7. Garbage - I'm Only Happy When it Rains - catchy, a classic song
8. Texas - I Don't Want a Lover - again, a catchy, classic song
9. The Killers - The Ballad of Michael Valentine - a lesser-known tune by the Las Vegas band
10. Manic Street Preachers - 1985 - not to be confused with the Bowling for Soup song
11. New Order - Krafty - the new one by this great bands
12. Simple Minds - I Travel - I used to dance to this song all the time in the early 80s
13. Baltimora - Key Key Karimba - Jimmy McShane deserves to be so much more than a "one hit wonder," and this song is better than "Tarzan Boy"
14. Kim Wilde - Chequered Love - ditto the above comments, with this song better than "Kids in America"
15. Cetu Javu - Situations (12-inch version) - another "lost song" from the 80s, by one of several, German Depeche Mode-soundalikes
16. Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - Charlotte Street - I listened to this song so often in college
17. The Railway Children - Every Beat of the Heart - yet another sadly neglected band from the 80s... from Wigan, Lancashire
18. Coheed and Cambria - Sister Christian - current indie band pays (ironic? unironic?) tribute to a horrifically overplayed song of yesteryear
19. Junior Murvin - Police and Thieves - one of the all-time classic songs
20. The Untouchables - I Spy (for the FBI) - America's greatest ska band
21. Rancid - Roots Radicals - one of the all-time classic American punk songs, about skinheads and punks and reggae and... oh, a fight or something... this song simply rules.
I think I am going to call this mix "Still Preoccupied with 1985." It is a line from the Bowling for Soup song but it also pertains to the theme of the mix... songs from the 80s or songs by bands associated with the 80s.
Sorry I don't know how to link to mp3s yet. You will just have to take my word for it that this mix sounds great as you are driving around, trying to take your mind off a funeral.


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Here is how you link to an mp3:

First, hover over the link and right-click your mouse and select Properties from the menu. The url of the file is listed there on the properties tab; just cut and paste it onto your html page. Then, just make a link out of it:
click here to rock .

You can also add the target=new attribute to make it open in a new page.

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