Monday, March 14, 2005

Tonight Matthew, I am going to be Underworld

It is still snowing in Dubuque. I thought "March" meant "spring?"
Baseball's spring training is held in March. So why is it still snowing here in Dubuque?
I was off work today and drove around town on various errands instead. I decided Underworld's excellent live album "Everything Everything" (2000) would make the perfect accompaniment. Sure enough, the flying snowflakes seemed propelled by the beats provided by Rick Smith and (the supremely talented) Darren Emerson.
Underworld really paved the way for the current crop of dance performers exemplified by LCD Soundsystem. The Romford, England trio combined the syncopated techno of the dancefloor with indie rock song structure -- never better than on "Born Slippy.Nuxx," one of my favorite songs of all time (I have about 166 favorite songs of all time). Some techno purists might think of Underworld as a diluted version of the real thing. I think the haters miss the point. Underworld created something different. Besides, if it can make me dance around the spring snowflakes, it must be great.


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