Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jazz for back pain. It really worked!

My back ached and I was beyond tired.
I needed relief last night after a challenging day at work.
I found my relief in JAZZ.
Jazz for me has been unique: The music can float by in the background or I can intensely focus and discover memorable moments.
I did the latter last night, enjoy the piano work of RUSS FREEMAN on the CHET BAKER QUARTET album "JAZZ AT ANN ARBOR."
Critics say the trumpter/leader was at the peak of his powers during this album, recorded at a May gig at a Masonic Temple in Michigan.
That may be.
Last night, I clamped on my noise-reducing headphones and concentrated on Freeman taking the second solos in each of the eight songs.
If I closed my eyes I could almost see his fingers applied to the ivory.
The more I listened, the more complexity emerged.
Amazingly, the more I listened, the less my back ached, too.
It was proof of the power of jazz.


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