Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Let's still strive for justice for Kirsty MacColl

This is my photo of the KIRSTY MacCOLL bench in London's Soho Square.
It's a memorial bench.
The English singer-songwriter was killed, 13 years ago today, after being struck by a speedboat while swimming in a protected diving area off the coast of COZUMEL, MEXICO.
The boat was owned by a Mexican supermarket tycoon, GUILLERMO GONZALEZ NOVA, who was on board at the time of the accident.
One of Nova's employees took the blame for the accident, and paid a relatively minor fine.
Eyewitnesses have disputed Nova's accounts of the events.
A JUSTICE FOR KIRSTY campaign increased awareness of the incident, but it was unable to make Mexican authorities hold the perpetrators accountable.
I will take time today to urge justice for Kirsty myself.


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