Saturday, November 30, 2013

Some of my musical heroes -- The Rezillos

THE REZILLOS have always been musical heroes for me.
The Scottish band proved that art students could create a band that avoided the ponderous and just had fun with rock.
Alan Forbes and Sheilagh Hynd rightly knew that an arty and alternative rock band should be bigger than life, so they took the stage names Eugene Reynolds and Fay Fife and never looked back.
They were aided by Jo Callis, the guitarist who would prove to be among the best songwriters of the New Wave era ("Don't You Want Me" comes to mind).
The Scotsman once wrote:
"Having formed at Edinburgh College of Art, the band’s colourful comic-book image swiftly produced luridly catchy songs to match."
The results included "Top of the Pops," "Destination Venus," "Flying Saucer Attack" and other punky pop gems.
I'm celebrating the Rezillos' quirky legacy this morning, with the volume cranked up!


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