Friday, November 08, 2013

Thanks a lot, Stanford. Now I have to listen to ska to feel better

SKA has always been my comfort music.
I can play it and feel better, almost instantly. Good thing, too, because I need it today.
I'm listening to the compilation, "ISLAND RECORDS PRESENTS SKA," today after a disappointing sports night.
MY BELOVED OREGON DUCKS had their title aspirations derailed once again by the bigger and stronger STANFORD CARDINAL, 26-20, in college football action last night.
A championship team must always have the tools to beat its toughest challenger, but the Ducks have lacked those particular tools the past two seasons.
They simply can't beat Stanford.
That's why I am listening to the Jamaican music today. Lord Tanamo, Stranger Cole, Don Drummond, The Skatalites and a host of other classic artists are serving as a balm -- not for the first time, either.


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