Friday, November 22, 2013

I fell in love with an Irish TV show

I never expected my SAN FRANCISCO trip would trigger a love affair with an IRISH television show.
Then, my sister introduced me to the RTÉ drama, "LOVE/HATE."
The Irish Film & Television Award-winning drama follows the exploits of Dublin gang members, including mates Darren Treacy (played by Robert Sheehan), Tommy Daly (Killian Scott) and the charismatic Nidge Delaney (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor).
Nidge steals his scenes, particularly when his narcissism prompts him to film himself highlighting the virtues of his favorite weapon:
“The Glock 17. Preferred weapon of choice of the NYPD, US Air Force & bad fookers the world over.”
My sister introduced me to the drama in the third series.
Upon returning home, I logged onto NETFLIX to watch the four episodes that make up the whole of the first series, which originally aired in October 2010.
The cast is amazing, including Aidan Gillen as the steely gang leader, John Boy Power, and Brian Gleeson as his drug-addled, violent brother, Hughie.
I highly recommend this show, which is readily available on the aforementioned Netflix.


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