Sunday, December 29, 2013

England fell asleep before I did during last night's cricket

I had planned to listen to some of the ASHES CRICKET match commentary online last night before falling asleep.
As it happened, the match ended before my bedtime.
AUSTRALIA (204 & 231-2) dominated ENGLAND (255 & 179), winning by eight wickets and improving to 4-0 in the series -- moving closer to a 5-0 "whitewash" of the visitors.
It seemed like England had fallen asleep on the field.
Chris Rogers scored 116 runs and Shane Watson 83 against an England side that managed to drop three catches.
Not that the drops really mattered. England were doomed the night before, when they twice lost three wickets for one run and tossed away their last five wickets for six runs.
It was fun for me to listen to a warm-weather sport on a night of dropping winter temperatures. It wasn't so much fun hearing England's team struggle so mightily, with the prospect of additional humiliation to come.


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